Oklahoma ACTE


The mission of OkACTE is to develop and execute vetted strategies that promote and recognize excellence and provide a voice for our members and stakeholders.


OkACTE is a member driven, value-added organization committed to making positive and significant impacts on the professional success of our members and stakeholders through quality opportunities. 


  • Professional and leadership development and delivery of professional development to our membership
  • Create relationships and communications with public policy makers through staff and membership involvement
  • Provide relevance to education through partnerships with business and industry.
  • Recognize innovative professional strategies of our membership.

Oklahoma ACTE's History

Since 1929, the Oklahoma ACTE (formerly the Oklahoma Vocational Association) has provided members with the resources they need to enhance their skills. With over 3,400 members, Oklahoma ACTE is recognized as a dynamic educational leadership organization. Oklahoma ACTE works with its national affiliate, the Association for Career and Technical Education, to help its members stay on the cutting edge of education, family, workplace and community development. Oklahoma ACTE’s members are the backbone of career and technology education and workforce education policy development in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers

Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers (formerly Oklahoma Vocational-Technical Education Council) is the sister organization of the Oklahoma Association for Career & Technology Educators and was organized in the early 1970′s. OATC represents the technology centers, with its membership comprised of school board members and the superintendents. OATC is involved with a public relations campaign for career and technology education, an awards program-recognizing members of business and industry and provides board member training and leadership opportunities. OATC also provides the technology centers with legislative representation at the Capitol.


OATC is organized as the state career and technology association for the purpose of promoting and fostering technology centers in Oklahoma.


OATC provides professional development and services for board members and superintendents, and leadership for the advancement of career and technology education.


To fulfill its mission and realize its vision for the future, OATC will work to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide effective legislative services.
  • Implement an effective communication system.
  • Recognize excellence through an awards program.
  • Provide quality continuing education and networking opportunities.