OkACTE Political Action Committee


What is OkACTE PAC?
The OkACTE PAC or Political Action Committee is an organization whose purpose is to raise money and help finance the campaigns of candidates sensitive to the interests of the OkACTE members.

Why is the OkACTE PAC so important?
The OkACTE PAC gives career and technology educators an opportunity to provide support to those lawmakers who have proven their support for education and especially CareerTech.

How does OkACTE PAC raise money?
OkACTE PAC solicits PERSONAL contributions from YOU, the OkACTE member. It is illegal for corporations to contribute to Political Action Committees. We also have a silent auction at Summer Conference each year.

Why should I contribute to OkACTE PAC?
The OkACTE PAC allows Oklahoma career and technology educators to pool financial resources. Providing more substantial influence on the political process.

Who operates and sets OkACTE PAC Policy?
OkACTE PAC Policy is set by representatives from each division who serve as the OkACTE PAC Board of Trustees.

How does OkACTE PAC differ from OkACTE?
OkACTE develops, promotes, and lobbies positions on ISSUES through the legislative process. OkACTE PAC works to SUPPORT CANDIDATES via OkACTE PAC contributions to their political campaigns.Only PAC provides financial assistance OkACTE does not.

How much support does OkACTE give to a candidate?
OkACTE PAC contributions are relatively small, but give us an opportunity to show appreciation to our supporters. 

How do I contribute and become an OkACTE PAC member?
To be an OkACTE PAC member requires a contribution of $20.00 or more. 

Click here to print a PAC form, attach your PERSONAL check or visa/mc card information and mail it to the OkACTE PAC:

2801 N Lincoln, Suite 130
Oklahoma City, OK 73105