What the Policy Covers

Your policy coverage runs concurrent with your present OkACTE membership term for as long as the program is in effect. Coverage is limited to the amounts specified below and applies only to occurrences during the policy period (Coverage A) or to actions resulting from activities of the Insured which first take place during the policy period (Coverage B).

The Insured is defined in the policy as an active, life, student, or retired member of the Association who is an employee of a public or charter school district, or of an Education Service Center. Coverage is provided for the member in his/her capacity as an administrator or educator. The policy specifically excludes private contracts or endeavors. Coverage is available for a $40 fee. The annual fee will not be prorated.

Coverage A – Liability Coverage

A True Professional Liability Policy

    • Errors and omissions insurance for claims for damages arising out of a member’s duties as a professional educator, including all defense costs. 
    • The occurrence giving rise to such claims is simply defined as an event which results in damages to some other person.

What the Policy Pays: Up to $1,000,000 per Insured per occurrence/$3,000,000 per occurrence, plus the cost of defense, investigation and legal fees.

* * NOTE: The duty of the insurer to defend extends even to groundless, false and frivolous suits or accusations.**

 Coverage B – Reimbursement of Attorney Fees

Provides for reimbursement of attorney’s fees in a broad range of situations not insured under Coverage A such as:

  • Criminal charges, allegations of sexual misconduct, actions involving dismissal, revocation of certification, and other professional rights and duties. As respects some of these situations, payment of attorney fees is contingent on the Insured’s case prevailing. In such cases, $1,000 (for consultation or otherwise) is reimbursed without regard to that outcome.

What the Policy Pays: Up to $5,000 per claim per Insured. Coverage for criminal proceedings and/or sexual misconduct limited to $10,000 aggregate per member per policy year.

 Coverage C – Bail Bonds

Provides for payment of premium on bail bonds required of the Insured arising out of activities of the Insured in his/her professional capacity.

What the Policy Pays: Up to $1,000 premium on bail bonds.


Special Features

This policy could provide coverage for the following situations:

Corporal Punishment: Relevant sections of our policy make it clear that coverage applies under Coverage A regardless of whether the act be deemed civil or criminal. Furthermore, the customary exclusion of damages resulting from intentional acts has been carefully worded to clarify that corporal punishment is covered even though intentional. 

Outside Activities: As long as the educator is with the scope of his/her professional duties, the policy covers liability for injury to students and others while the educator is conducting visits to industrial and commercial establishments, entertainment centers, outings, picnics and other similar school functions subject to automobile, watercraft, and aircraft exclusions.

Product Liability: There is no product liability exclusion. This policy would also provide liability insurance for the furnishing of food in connection with trips, picnics, parties, and similar events. 

Reimbursement of Attorney Fees: Afforded to the member for actions involving tenure, dismissal, revocation of certificate and other professional rights and duties guaranteed under the policy and is not contingent on the approval of a board or review committee, as might be the case where the only available assistance is from a defense fund.