PLI Questions & Answers 

Why is professional educator insurance valuable to me as an educator?
A professional educator policy will guard you against financial devastation in the event you are named in a serious lawsuit arising in the course and scope of your responsibilities as an educator. Facts tell us that litigation against schools and educators has risen significantly in the recent years. In today’s educational climate, it is as important to insure your professional career as it is to insure your car, your home and your health.

Will my school district not have liability insurance?
The district’s policy covers the district first and foremost, and in certain circumstances, its plan will not cover you or your legal fees. In today’s litigious environment with respect to education, it is only wise to have your own insurance coverage in place that names you as the insured party. Additionally, the school district’s policy limits may be exhausted quickly in any given lawsuit. Our policy provides extra protection in the event the district’s limits are insufficient to pay your claim.

What is covered under the policy?
You are protected against a broad range of exposures, such as:

• Injury to a student
• Allegations of improper conduct with a student
• Violation of a student’s civil rights
• Failure to educate
• Improper methods of instruction
• Failure to promote a student or grant credit
• Hiring unqualified persons

When does my insurance policy respond?
Our form is occurrence-based, which means as long as the occurrence that resulted in litigation took place while the Educators Professional Liability was in effect, then the policy will respond. Even if you are no longer a member of the association, you will be covered as long as the policy was in force when the incident occurred and you were a member in good standing at that time.